Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bad movie physics

We all know that sci-fi flicks are rarely more SCI than they are FI. Explosions and sound in space, dodging lasers, and all that stuff. To sort out all that mess, check out this cool report card at io9!

Check out also io9's tribute to Starcrash if you're bored! And then go read my review of it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Enemy Mine (1985)

Enemy Mine is a flick from 1985 based on a novella of the same name by Barry Longyear and directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

In the future, humans have gone to war with an alien species called the Drac. A fighter pilot played by Dennis Quaid crashes on some planet while fighting the Drac and finds himself stuck with his worst enemy, a Drac warrior. The planet is hostile and they have to team up if they want to survive.

This pit monster looks quite lame at first, but turns out nastier than expected...

Peepin' on lizard aliens...
Dracs are ugly mothers...
So it's a classic friendship story, with a strong anti-racist message. The movie is quite predictable, and the story seems older than life itself.

But still, at times the movie surprises you - because you don't get what the filmmakers were thinking! Many times I was thinking to myself "now why did that happen?". "Why did those frozen trees start falling all of a sudden?".

The visuals are nice throughout the movie.

Green, the favourite color of all aliens.

Our protagonist decides to set a pond on fire and jump off a cliff. Don't ask why, I didn't get the point.

"HAAHHAHAAHAHAHA!!" Quaid's acting acting is way over the top.

If Louis Gossett Jr.'s reptilian voice sounds familiar, you may have heard him as the Vortigaunt in Half-Life 2.

The film suffers a lot from weak acting. Seems like the crew was so busy making the effects, they just filmed all the acting with one shot. Dennis Quaid is overacting all the time, and the supporting actors are much worse. Everyone stinks except Louis Gossett Jr. At that level, the directing fails totally.

This was the worst acting I've seen in a long while. Plain terrible.

There's also points in the movie where the story fast forwards in an abrupt fashion... The whole movie feels rushed out.

So you're saying that pile of crap will hold up against a meteor storm?

The movie has a B-movie feel to it. It was a big budget movie back in it's time, and also a big commercial failure. The age shows, but it's also refreshing to see good old special effects tricks after all the CGI you see today.

I give it two stars. Entertaining, but shit, really.

Here's the imdb link and a trailer for you.

imdb link